COVID-19 Reopening Plan

COVID-19 Reopening Plan

We wanted to let you know of our plans to slowly re-open our Sunday service at Life Church, beginning Sunday, June 7th!

We have a phrase we’ve been saying lately and it’s “We’re ready when you’re ready.” Some of you have let us know you are ready while others have told us you are not yet ready to gather. We understand that how and when you choose to attend a live service again is going to be different for everyone…and that is OKAY! As the Governor begins to re-open the state, with new safety protocols in place, the Leadership Team has decided that we feel we can follow the guidelines from our Governor as well as the CDC and begin the process to gather safely together again.

Our staff put together a video to help you know what to expect if you choose to join us this Sunday, or any future Sunday. You can watch that above or click HERE.

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Pastor Mitch Price
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