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One of the most challenging aspects of a new endeavor like Life Church Vineyard is to clearly define its core values. A church family is only as healthy as its spiritual DNA, both as a congregation and as individuals.

When someone comes to church for the first time, their radar is working overtime to pick up the DNA. They wonder, “Are these people proud, are they humble? Are they friendly or are they standoffish? What’s the DNA here? Does it match mine?”

DNA shows up when we least expect. It surfaces when we’re exhilarated, irritated, or exhausted – when we’re at our best and when we’re at our worst. It represents our core values, the “defaults” that are pre-set into our personal lives.

When you come to Life Church, you will find that you can truly be yourself. Life Church’s DNA is genuine, patient and compassionate. Love and mercy toward one another are woven into our nucleus. There is mercy for mistakes and love for the unlovely. Our love isn’t based on performance, but on who we are in Christ. We need mercy, and we will offer mercy. At our core, we understand that we are all flawed but forgiven people who are fleshing out our salvation in fits and starts.

I believe today’s church is moving quickly to a more simplified form.  Simple worship, simple preaching/teaching and simplified fellowship opportunities.  Life Church is committed to this simplified approach to church life.  We are committed to drawing people together for the simple purpose of worshipping together, sharing the Word together, and fellowshipping together. We want to be “Bigger than Life,” focusing our resources, energies and our lives outward from Life Church toward our community.

I’m excited about this trend in churches in general, and at Life Church in particular. We’re not after a slick presentation, just an authentic, sincere and natural church experience. I’m not sure exactly what it will look like, but I’m intrigued… and I’m ready.

Are you?

Pastor Mitch Price


MITCH & LARA PRICE co-pastor Life Church Vineyard and serve as the “Dad & Mom” of our church family. Mitch enjoys digging into God’s Word and being one of our primary Bible teachers and Lara enjoys serving as a Worship Leader and connecting with people and helping everyone find their place within the Body of Christ. They have a son, Zack, who is in high school and enjoys being a part of the football & basketball teams. As a family they enjoy adventures together like camping in their RV and skiing/snowboarding… preferably in the mountains of Colorado! Lara & Zack like to cook together and family dinner time is important. Often after dinner, you can find them playing a board game, or watching Wheel of Fortune and seeing who can solve the puzzle first. Mitch is a bi-vocational pastor as he also helps run the family custom home building business, Price Custom Homes. They are passionate about following Jesus closer today than yesterday…and encouraging others to do the same. 

jason & becky grubb

Jason & Becky Grubb serve at Life Church on our Leadership Team. Jason is bi-vocational pastor. He serves as our Worship & Media Pastor and works at the Fairfield County Engineers Office. Becky is a critical care nurse at Fairfield Medical Center. They have 2 daughters, Megan & Elaina. Megan is a graduate of Ohio University and Elaina is currently enrolled at Ohio University with the goal of being a nurse. As a family they love spending time together, either at the dinner table or vacationing on the beach. They love serving others and sharing the love of Christ in the workplace and the community.

Todd & debbie Hamilton

Todd and Debbie Hamilton serve at Life Church on our Leadership Team. Debbie has played the piano since she was 5 and loves serving on the worship team as a keyboardist & has a passion for songwriting. Todd & Debbie are founders of N8 Family Chiropractic clinics, where their mission is to teach people the benefits of wellness chiropractic adjustments: to heal, prevent and maximize performance, allowing the body to work the way God designed. Todd & Debbie love learning and following the leadership qualities of Jesus and bring that style of servant leadership not only to their business but to the church as well.  Todd & Debbie desire to honor God with every aspect of their lives. They have 2 boys, Drew and Adam, and enjoy travel and family date nights where they play cards and games.

David & sherry rauch

David & Sherry Rauch serve at Life Church on our Leadership Team. David serves on our Worship & Media team and serves as our Church Administrator. Sherry teaches in our Saplings (preschool) class and leads our Home Meals team. Together they help lead our Visitation Ministry and Bickford Nursing Home Ministry alongside Sherry’s parents, Jerry & Anna Wentz. They are also certified SYMBIS facilitators which is a ministry to our engaged couples and struggling marriages. David retired from Rockwell Automation as a business lead for several product lines for Ohio. Sherry was a preschool teacher but in 2011 decided to stay at home to help with the care of their grandchildren, which she thoroughly enjoys! For recreation, they enjoy riding bikes together and travelling abroad. Through their 32 years together, and all the ups and downs life brings, they say “Life is grand with Jehovah leading our life!”

Scott & Stephanie Van Den Berg

Scott & Stephanie Van Den Berg serve at Life Church on our Leadership Team. They have been in Vineyard church leadership for over 17 years and are very excited about the future of Life Church. Stephanie serves on the Operation Christmas Child team, leads our funeral meals team, and contributes to several other ministries as well. Scott and Stephanie have 2 children, Jessica and Joseph, and six grandchildren. Scott and Stephanie are both retired, Scott from Supply Chain engineering and operations, and Stephanie from culinary research and development. They enjoy their time renovating their 1863 home, traveling, attending their grandchildren’s sporting events, and sharing their gift of hospitality with others.

Our Founders

Founding Pastors Ron and Marilyn Grubb

Ron and Marilyn were raised in rural, central Ohio. Ron, near Sugar Grove and graduated from Berne Union High School in 1967; Marilyn, raised near Somerset, graduated Sheridan High School in 1967. 
They officially became a couple while attending church camp as 15-year-olds. Dating through high school, Ron went onto Fort Wayne Bible College after high school (now Taylor University) while Marilyn traveled south to Bob Jones University in Greenville South Carolina to study office clerical work.
Married on August 10, 1969.  After Ron’s graduated Bible College in 1971, he accepted the position of Associate Pastor at Trinity Missionary Church in Flint Michigan. Marilyn was also employed there as the secretary to the Senior Pastor.
In 1973, they moved back to a home on Marilyn’s family’s farm near Somerset and raised their two sons Jason and Ryan. Ron worked in retail furniture sales and eventually established himself as a custom and classic-car upholsterer by the 1980’s.
In 1995, Ron felt the draw of the Lord to resume pastoral ministry and was hired by New Hope Church of Pickerington as an Associate Pastor. By 1997, Ron was convinced the Lord was calling him to plant a church in Lancaster, Ohio. Together with Marilyn’s help, beginning with a small home Bible study group, Lancaster Community Church (LCC) began to blossom.  Eventually, they completely renovated a 33,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Lancaster and fostered that church to over 1000 people.
In October of 2010, Ron and Marilyn released the headship of LCC to younger leaders and “retired” from ministry.
Soon they agreed to plant a second church which has become Life Church Vineyard.  The new congregation was healthfully established by 2020, and as 70-year-olds decided to re-retire.
As members of the Leadership team, they now serve Life Church Vineyard faithfully in whatever capacity is needed, including preaching, teaching and nursery duty.